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Fairy Bread, the Ultimate Unicorn Toast

Fairy Bread Recipe

A kids birthday party in my hometown of Sydney, Australia, simply wouldn’t be a party without fairy bread! It’s a staple at any birthday party and it is possibly the simplest recipe you will find. I don’t know how long this party food has been around, but it was first mentioned in the Hobart Mercury in 1929. And here I am, almost 100 years later, sharing this deliciousness with Southern California! Multi-coloured nonpareils are the most common sprinkles used as they are so bright and add a wonderful crunch. You can swap them out for other types of sprinkles, and you can mix and match to compliment your party colors and theme.


· Loaf of white sandwich bread

· Butter or margarine

· Multi-colored nonpareils


· Cover each piece of bread with a generous amount of butter or margarine

· Pour enough nonpareils onto a plate to cover the whole plate

· Lay each slice of bread, butter side down, on the plate until the bread is covered in nonpareils

· Gently shake off any excess nonpareils

· Cut each slice of bread into triangle quarters and place on a serving plate.

· Alternatively you can use a large cookie cutter to cut the bread into fancy shapes


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